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Daily Money Management Services

David has over 25 years of experience maintaining both personal and business financial records. He is an expert in both Quicken and QuickBooks financial software.

David will help you keep your financial records in order. You do not have to have your own computer or buy the software.  David will setup and maintain your Quicken files on his system and print out monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports for you, develop a recordkeeping system for you, prepare & mail checks for bill paying or help you do online bill paying, and help you maintain your paperwork and accounting records.

Additionally you will get a CD of your Quicken file every year.

David has experience and patience helping older clients get their records in order, and can work with your Estate Attorney, Accountant, Financial Adviser and your family to make your Estate Planning and Record keeping easier.

David is proud to be a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM).

What is a Daily Money Manager?

A daily money manager (DMM) provides assistance to clients who are busy or have difficulty managing their personal financial matters.

Examples of the kinds of services that DMMs provide include: bill payments; check writing; bank account and credit card reconciliations; preparing budgets; medical claims and organizing tax records. The scope of services provided varies, based on each client’s individual needs and desires.

Will I lose my independence if I hire David?

No. In fact, my services help our clients remove the stress and anxiety of managing financial and health insurance paperwork. By removing the frustrations often associated with paying bills on time, or tracking medical claims, my clients enjoy a renewed feeling of freedom and independence.

By working with you, do I have to give up control over my accounts?

No. my clients retain complete control (including signature authority) over their bank accounts.

If I hire you, do I still need other legal, investment, or financial professionals?

Yes. I do not provide tax, investment or financial advice. I work together with – and not in place of – these other professionals. I will act as your advocate and serve as a liaison between you and your caregivers or family members, attorneys, accounting professionals, insurance agent, bank/brokerage firm, and/or financial advisors.

Are you insured?

Yes. . I am fully insured with Daily Money Manager Professional Liability Insurance though Lloyd's of London.

What is your privacy policy?

All client relationships are always strictly confidential. I do not exchange, distribute, or share any information I receive from my clients with any third party, unless my client authorizes me to do so. I keep confidential information under lock and key and password protected.


Bill payment

Bills can be paid online or with paper checks that are signed by the client.
I can set up automatic online payments if desired.
I make sure your estimated taxes are paid on time each quarter.

Checking and credit card account reconciliation

Your checking and credit card accounts will be balanced monthly using Quicken personal financial software.

Personal banking

I make deposits at your financial institution and resolve problems with your bank statements. I can make sure any beneficiary designations are in order and make sure that due dates (such as CD maturity dates) are not missed.

Fiduciary services

Although not required, if you want I can serve as your legal agent at your financial institutions.

Organization and maintenance of files

I will create a filing system for your documents.

Budgeting and cash flow analysis

I can analyze your income and spending to help you stay on track or make important financial decisions.

Fraud review

I will review your monthly statements as well as your credit report. I monitor accounts for unusual activity.

Organization of tax documents

I organize your tax documents, calculate your deductible expenses, and help you fill out the organizer provided by your accountant.

I work with your accountant to make sure your taxes are prepared properly and on time. I help you catch up and file overdue tax returns.

Notary Services

A complimentary service for all my clients and their families (Maryland only).

Referral to and liaison with legal, tax, investment and other professionals

I can help you find professionals in the community to provide a variety of services, including services for seniors and, if desired, act as your liaison with them so that you get the most benefits from their services and advise.

Medical claims submission

I can submit your claims, review explanations of benefits and work with Medicare and/or the insurance company to make sure claims have been paid properly.

Organization of important information for emergencies and assistance with important document retention and storage

I can create a binder of important information that you or your family can take easily in case of a medical emergency, an emergency in the community, a death in the family or other critical situations.


Using Computers and His Organizational/Bookkeeping Skills
To Keep Your Financial Records In Order

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