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David Schwartzman has simply been a family lifesaver. He has an excellent combination of skills including but not limited to computers, technology, accounting and eldercare issues.  He understands the issues families can face with supporting an ill and/or aging family member.  Our family circumstance is quite complex and he was able to organize all the information,  set up all financial matters electronically including accounting and  bill paying matters for our family member. He gave us good advice in understanding the eldercare issues we have had to handle. He is excellent at researching and resourcing anything we have needed to help support or family member. Could we have done this on our own? Not without a tremendous investment of time, energy and stress to ourselves, spouses and children.  He has made a heavy mantle easier to bear. His organization skills are just superb; He would be an asset to any person, business or family needing help to dig out and get in control.

David B Fishkin, DC, MPH - Rockville MD


David is a terrific daily money manager and financial organizer.  I would recommend him unconditionally.

Barbara Ames, CPA with Barkanic and Ames LLC in Rockville.


I have known David for almost 15 year and co-owned a business with him from 2000 - 2010. I have seen first-hand how skilled he is both with computers and with financial and personal record-keeping.

When it comes to computers, David is the only person I trust to keep my systems up and running. He always seems to know the ins and outs of the latest technology, so when I need to upgrade or buy a new machine, David is the one I call as an adviser. I have also observed David helping other clients, and realized that he shows them the same care, consideration and concern he gives me.

Both while business partners and since, David's bookkeeping and record-keeping skills have never ceased to amaze me. He was able to maintain not only our company books, but those of his own company, himself and his mother's, some of which were very complex. After our business closed, and his mother got ill, I saw the skill with which he kept all of her various affairs in order. Even the CPA's agreed.

If you are looking for someone to help you with your computer or as a Daily Money Manager, David is the person I would choose. First of all, you can trust him. Second, he will do a great job. You will not be disappointed with the choice.

Brian Choper
Drummer/Percussionist/Business Owner/Band Manager/Author/Owner of Washington's Entertainment Connection, MD


I have been doing business with David Schwartzman, The Computer Chiropractor, for over 15 years.  He has assisted me with both my office and personal computers over the years: from helping me determine what my hardware needs are, to the actual setup and office networking.

I find David  to be professional and friendly.  And he possesses that disappearing character trait that is appreciated, he is punctual.

I have no hesitation recommending David to any of my clients and friends!

Martin Gusman, President
Blue Horizon Property Management


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